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Training Methods
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Training methods

A lively and direct approach to the Chinese language. In choosing to participate in a course, you are expressing the desire to speak Chinese and discover the contemporary Chinese way of life "directly, at first hand"! That's why our methodology is based on a lively, real-life and direct approach to Chinese. It's goal is to let you acquire a diversity and wide range of knowledge and rapidly developing your Chinese communication skills.

 Training Methods

Communicative Approach - S.U.P.A

S-Speak: Develop proper pronunciation, tone and intonation throughout the training curve like a native speaker.

U-Understand: We integrate patterns, structures, special usages and cultural nuance so that each learner develops understandings in a holistic way

P-Practice: Practice speaking, listening, reading and thinking in the target language.

A-Apply: Apply to real life daily situations both in and out of theclassroom.

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