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General Mandarin
HSK - Hanyu Suiping Kaoshi, Chinese Proficiency Examination

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General Mandarin

There are 11 basic levels at CDC Eloquent Mandarin. They are Beginner Level I, II, and III; Intermediate I, II, and III; Advanced I, II, and III, and Executive I and II.

Beginner 1

Students are absolute beginners. Students will master 600 basic Chinese words. They will be able to have simple conversations in Chinese or read simple materials concerning general topics:  introductions, weather, directions, time, purchasing, likes and dislikes, etc. They will be able to use simple sentences, such as sentences with Verbal Predicates, Adjectival Predicates, and Nominal Predicates. Focus is on building a solid foundation of phonetic knowledge.

Beginner 2

Students are beginning to use slightly more complex language. They will master 600 additional words. They will be able to describe their feelings/opinions or handle such daily affairs as ordering food, booking plane tickets, making telephone calls, etc., but with some difficulty. Students will be able to use some basic sentence patterns in the proper (if limited) way. For example; verb sentence structures with an aspectual particle of ‘le’ or ‘guo’; or verb sentence structures with a structural particle ‘de’ for different uses.

Beginner 3

Students begin to learn colloquial vocabulary and phrases. An additional 600 words will be acquired, and they will be able to make daily conversations involving situations such as scheduling trips, handling visas, presenting gifts, etc. with more flexibility. They can use most basic simple sentence patterns and some complex sentence patterns (Ex: Suiran…danshi…, Ruguo…jiu…etc.) in the proper manner.

Intermediate 1

Students are attempting to use more complex sentence patterns. They will acquire 750 additional words and more complicated sentences such as ‘Jian…dou…’, ‘Jishi… ye…’, ‘Budan…erqie. They will be able to use Chinese with more flexibility in discussing family, interests, hobbies, travels, etc. They are able to communicate increasingly complex ideas, but these ideas are translated from their native language in their minds.

Intermediate 2

Students will learn another 750 words, most of which are colloquial. They will be able to discuss many complicated issues, such as asking for opinions, discussing feelings, participating in general meetings, making inquiries, lodging complaints, etc. They will be able to express themselves more fluently than EM Intermediate 1. They can read and understand textbook materials at that level and are now training to write. They will be able to write short passages of general use, such as notes, letters, brief presentations, etc.

Intermediate 3

Students are now able to express most ideas with ease and are fairly confident with their grammar ability. They will learn another 750 words, most of which are of a specialized vocabulary, such as, Chinese idioms, and how to express the same idea in a number of different ways. They are thinking in Chinese more and more, and relying less on direct translation in their minds.

Advanced 1

Students will increase their vocabulary by another 750 words and study 20 grammar points. They will strengthen the ability of synonym discrimination and analysis of structures. They will be able to listen to and remember the main points of longer paragraphs, write articles of general newsworthiness, discuss specific topics and improve their ability to express themselves much more fluently. 

Advanced 2

Students will learn articles and become familiar with styles, themes etc. They will learn 1200 new words at this level, improve their practical use of the language, and start training in the ability to skip reading and listening. They will be able to get the required information and the true meaning from conversation and reading. In oral expression, they will gradually develop the ability to use the way of discourse, and start training social and cultural aspects.

Advanced 3

Students will learn more about the styles of Chinese articles and strengthen all forms of drills (reading, writing, listening and speaking), master 1400 new words, obtain the higher ability in the practical use of language and learn 30 grammar points. Apart from intensive listening and reading, one will have more skills in skip reading and listening. They will be able to talk fluently about difficult topics regarding culture and society, and write standard argumentative essays.

Executive 1&2  – being developed.

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