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Class Arrangement
Our Service

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Class Arrangement

Class type

Private 1-1 lesson
Private group of 1-2
Mini group of 1-3/4
Standard group of 1-5/6/7/8
Customized group of required numbers

Class Location

Training takes place in ourclassroom facilities, or in the client's office. Whichever is the most convenient for our student(s).
Ourclassrooms are equipped with a whiteboard and tape/CD recorder. Laptop computers and TV sets are available if needed.

Class Schedule

Course schedule can be quite flexible based upon your company's actual needs and requirements. Once you have the detailed course information, we’ll make the course schedule accordingly and immediately.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation is valid only if he or she informs their course consultant or trainer and get their confirmation through telephone or email 24 hours prior to realclass time. Hours will be calculated if cancellation does not take effect.

Complaints Procedures

Should students have a complaint, CDC advises the following. Each level of staff will assist up to their ability to resolve the issue at hand. If they are unable to do so they will pass it to their superior.
1. Go to the Course Consultant and decide how to resolve the issue
2. Go to Head of Mandarin Department Ms. Guo Mengxia if still unsuccessful
3. Go to General Manager Mr. Thomas Emmrich if still unsuccessful.

Students are also advised not to complain to teachers directly.

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