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Class Arrangement
Our Service

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Our Service

Free assessment and trial lesson

Before the training, we will offer an assessment and a trialclass which aims to the trainees' language level, weaknesses, specific objectives and training styles for the course plan and for warming up the trainees with a real language practice opportunity.
After the assessment and trial lesson, the trainees will have a consultation on what is their current language performance; how they can improve it and what type of training methods are applicable for their training styles.

Customized study plans

A program plan will be tailored after the assessment and needs analyses. Trainers will follow this program to conduct theclass in order to guarantee the best effectiveness of the training.

Student file establishment

This includes the assessment form mentioned above, their attendance form, and their monthly level checking form through the end of the training. This file is a record of their training, as well as a reference of their Chinese performance.

Personal course consultants

Professional Consultants will be in charge of helping students with setting goals, training methods, communicative skills, materials recommendations and language exchange-partner introduction. These consultants will also work with students to tailor their training process and keep them motivated, interested and engaged.

Professional Trainers

All Trainers of mandarin courses are native speakers with a B.A, 50% of whom are Master holders. With many years of experience in mandarin training, all trainers can teach oral, listening, reading, pronunciation and writings in an effective way. Furthermore, our trainers are very familiar with both Chinese culture and Western culture.

Homework assigning and checking

In order to get the most out of the regular training course, the trainer will give student enough ideas of what they can preview and review, HR personnel can help the trainer to check how well did the trainees undertake this tasks before or after the trainingclass.

Termly tests and progress reports

The trainer will check the trainees' levels each month with a specific level checking documents. If it’s necessary the trainer will create examination paper per month for students to take in order to review for them theclasses they have done (in case that students don’t like to take examinations, the oral level objectives checking will be given).
Course consultant and the trainer will hand over to the trainees a monthly training report on the training progress, attendance, trainees’ performances and level objectives checking.

Course certification

After the training, the trainee can ask for certificates which can be put together with his student files.

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