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July 11th-12th 2009
What: Baihuashan Mountain Two Days Field Trip
Cost: RMB450.00, including 3 meals, one night accommodation,
transportation, PA insurance, attraction ticktes and a tour guide
Register Deadline: July 5th 2009
Tel: 0086-10-6590 0858

Baihuashan Mountain

Baihuashan is in the Mentougou district of Beijing Municipality, and lies approximately 110km west of central Beijing. Baihuashan (literally 100 flowers mountain) is about 1991m high.

Unlike other mountainous areas in Beijing, even the highest peak is accessible to non-mountaineers and can be reached with relative ease along ridge walks. The area is scenically attractive with a variety of habitat, including larch forests, alpine meadows, widespread deciduous cover, extensive areas of scrub and rocky slopes. There are more than 1100 plant and 170 animal species. Of particular interest to birders is that –according to the same literature at least - Brown-eared pheasant occurs in the area.

Beijing Baihua Mountain is one of the earliest state-level nature reserves, protection of natural vegetation to protect animal and plant resources and tourist resources. Baihua Mountain's tourist resources can be divided into the main peak Baihua Mountain area, a scenic meadow flowers, Baihua Gu hundred and scenic banks of a total of four major scenic spots, tourist attractions carry 35. This unique landscape, climate, mountains, gurgling streams, verdant forests, varies of plants and animals has attracted thousands of people every season, esp. in the summer. Major attractions are "Baihua Mountain Meadow," "Waterfall Baihuashan" "Bing Ji Man," "Old tower", "Sunrise Genting", "Periglacial Castle," "Bingbi Rock Columns", "Rising Sea of Clouds" and "Sunset Ying Tsui," "Seven-color Jade Belt ", "Ant Hill "and" White Python Zhang Xiao, "and" Pine Tree Promenade" , etc.

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