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Mandarin Family Consultant

We provide private tutors to housewives, children and other people who live in Beijing.


-Language tutoring at your apartment
-interpretation or translation service
-Visa service
-Law service
-accounting service

Characterized by

1. Convenient: Private consultants can work with you at your home or office;
2. Flexible: Time table can be decided by you;
3. Bi-lingual staff: Service can be provided in both Chinese and English;
4. Experience: All consultants have more than three years training experience.

Please feel free to do the following:
- Hire a tutor to teach you and your children at your home
- Travel together with a tutor
- Go together to the bank to purchase electricity, water or gas
- Go shopping together
- Assist you to get a visa
- Other relevant services


Work schedule is flexible, depending on your needs. We open from 8am to 9pm during Monday to Friday. Weekend classes are held from 9am to 6pm.

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